Southeast Asia Research Group 2024 Summer Conference July 1-3 Hong Kong

Join us in Hong Kong July 1 to July 3 for SEAREG’s 2024 Summer Conference hosted by the Southeast Asia Research Centre at the City University of Hong Kong! Register today! 

Meet the Speakers

STATE OF THE FIELD KEYNOTE – Mark R. Thompson, chair professor of politics in the Department of Public and International Affairs and director of the Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC) at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU)

STATE OF THE REGION KEYNOTE – Mely Caballero-Anthony, professor of international relations at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) and head of the RSIS Centre for Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Studies at Nanyang Technological University


•Tommy Chai, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Australian National University: “Rethinking the nature of China-Southeast Asia Relations and order in the early modern period: Beyond hierarchy and asymmetry”

•Lili Chen, Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e: “Women as others in the local gaze: Malae nian in Timor-Leste”

•Colum Graham, Australian National University: “From dissolution to preservation: the state and the persistence of Indonesian small-scale farming”

•Tiên Dung Hà, Stanford University: “From former foes to comprehensive strategic partners: Transnational scientific networks of identifying Vietnam’s MIAs remains”

•Soksamphoas Im, Michigan State University: “Band-Aid Policy: An Assessment of Cambodia’s Cash Transfer Program, Poverty, and Debt Among Rural Households”

•Hipolitus Wangge, Australian National University: “History of Local Civil Society in Papua: Running Through Modernity, Marginalisation, and Hostility”

Apply for a Conference Travel Grant

Thanks to generous support from the Henry Luce Foundation, SEAREG is able to offer travel grants for up to eight individuals wishing to attend the 2024 Summer Conference. These grants may be used to defray the costs of travel, accommodations, registration fees and/or incidentals for students traveling to the conference. Grantees will be chosen based on their scholarly promise as Southeast Asianists as well as attendance at previous SEAREG meetings.

Call for Paper/Panel Proposals

Scholars of Southeast Asia more than three years post-PhD have the opportunity to present their research and gain valuable feedback from the SEAREG community during the Mid-/Advanced-Career Thematic Sessions, which will feature two or three working papers that are substantively connected to one another, as well as a discussant. For early acceptance, please submit your application by May 15, 2024. Submissions will continue to be accepted until June 1, 2024. 

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